Tokio Hotel - RTL - Punkt - 10.12.2007

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Translated by Luci & Niki for / don't copy wihnout source!
News reader: They must be Europe's most popular twins at the moment - Bill and Tom of Tokio Hotel. At first glance, they don't seem like brothers at all. Too big is the difference between them. Tom casual and cool. Bill always perfectly styled. If the brothers are still similar to one another and what happens when there's a quarrel in the Kaulitz home; David Motyarad will report.
Narrator: No, they really don't look like identical twins - At least not at first glance. This was cleared up once more at an interview in Berlin. Bill this time with his hair down and Tom as usual with dreadlocks. Except with one difference that he finally got his drivers license and Bill not.
Bill: I'm the only one in the band that doesn't have license since I sadly didn't make it. So the others have to hold on and drive me all over the place. Especially Tom that has to take me from A to B. It's really cool. I enjoy it.
Narrator: Which brings us to the topic of Bill and Tom's brotherhood. They've been inseparable since children with their very eager career start which have made them extremely successful in the past three years. However, there are still many differences between the two from which can be seen in the recent single "1000 Meere". Mystical and very much Bill's taste.
Bill: I think that's just in me. It was always that way. We were always different in that point since we were always… [Interrupted by Tom]
Tom: I've always been a realist and never really believed in the whole supernatural stuff. I really don't.
Narrator: Bill the dreamer and Tom the realist; the roles clearly given in the Kaulitz home. Perhaps that's the secret of success.
Tom: Bill's is how he is and was always that way for me my whole life. But the thing is that we're the same on the inside since we often think the same things and such. I don't really believe in things like twintuition, but we can understand each other in that sense. Like I know what he thinks. Like right now I do.
Narrator: So it's blind trust, then, but doesn't mean it's always peaceful.
Bill: Of course there's arguments and stuff… [Interrupted by Tom again]
Tom: When there's a big argument, its usually between Bill and I.
Bill: And the thing is that no one should interfere since we sort it out and everything is good on our own. Because if someone comes between us and tells us to quit it, it'll never work.
Narrator: This is how you clear things up between brothers. A perfect team which was proven even more by the later autograph hour. Success brings one closer as it seems. But the next argument is will be waiting…

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