Zimmer 483 Europe Tour - The documentary - english subtitles - 1 part

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Bill: When the human come to us and meant: Okay, you play a Europe tour next year! Thayn I trought: That's awesome!

Tom: The climate of public is so great here. We like each other, the rythm is right and everyone has his own job to do. And everyone is happy with it and it's "grooving".

Bill: I have to say we have a great time and the tour started nice and we had wonderful concerts, till know.

Georg: There were no big technical glitch. Bill only confused the days on time and Tom's guitar was broken but all in all it was great.

Bill: When I stay there and I know I have to go on the stage it's normaly that I want to look at the text but I can't remember everything!

Tom: The most mportant thing you mustn't do is 10 minutes before the show starts think about what you have to play.

Bill: I musten't it, I must, not look at the text, because I become so nervous and unsettle everything.

Tom: I as the guitarrist hold everything together. Therefore it works really good. You feel here like you are home, you have much fan and I think that's the most important things on tour and this fore I'm very happy.

Bill: The concert were awesome.... It is for vomiting! The get nothing on the row! Nothing! The singer is ready, like ever. Sure... Well I started in Prag, I know...Then we were in Ostrava, Bratislava, Warschau...??

Tom: Well... Shit :-)..Well Prag!

Georg: Wien, Kempten..

Bill: Budapest! [ He is happy because he knowes something more :-) ]

Gustav: Zürich, Prais..

Georg: Norcui was... I think...

Tom: What came next? :-)

Gustav: Wait, wait, wait, I know it....

Bill: Stuttgart, München, Nürnberg...

Gustav: Berlin, Leipzig.

Bill: How you can see we take down the stage.We rehearse here the last days and now it's time.. Tomorrow it starts... Tomorrow we'll we play in Prag...

Tom: The first show!

Bill: No we are really nervous.

Tom: Look.. the stage looks really cool.

Georg: Gustav????

Gustav: Yes???

Georg: Could please bring me my jacket? It lies there!

Gustav: Of course!

Georg: Because of this many impresions you get so manyideas and it's a really inspiring and I think a really creativ time.
Tom: We are in Warschau and I slept so bad. I stayed up till 5 in the morning... Inconceivable...I couldn't sleep... Sometimes you think abou so many things and then you say: You have t o sleep! And then nothing works...And then it was to hot, the window didn't open, then I had to use the air condition then I had sore throat and man...It's for vomiting...

Georg: You are so sensible.

Tom: It's only for vomiting...

Tom: The bus is so really cool. We have big beds with TV, DVD player. I have over 200 DVDs. ×)

Bill: I really like it.That's really nice bus and we have wonderful time together.

Tom: The problem is it's really closely inside.

Bill: Well. I have already argued to me to some and to the band, that happens, too.
Georg: Everyone can, if it doesn't go to all, go into his own bed and close the curtains and then we all know. Okay, he wants to be alone.
Tom: Georg takes a shower, sometimes Gustav, too, and this fore it works. So we don't irritate ourselves.
Bill: Okay Guys, we are backstage only 35 before the show starts. You noticed I can laugh if I say that and they are so chilled. They don't make plane anyway.
Tom: Ha! You think so! But it is wrong!
Bill: I feel a melange between nervous and tired. You know? Like ahh.....

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